broadlink rm pro,wifi infra red controller, wifi smart rf controller,control home easy sockets lights switchs
  • broadlink rm pro,wifi infra red controller, wifi smart rf controller,control home easy sockets lights switchs
  • using any iphone or android smartphone -
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Broadlink RM Pro / RM2 Home Automation Intelligent WiFi Controlled IR RF Remote Center for iPhone & Android Device Smart home system 433mhz


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Fully Compatible with Byron Home Easy AutomationBring the Byron Home Easy system into the Smartphone Era

The RM-Pro will control all Home Easy Sockets and Switches using any iphone or android smartphone - within the home or from anywhere in the world !!

 photo RMPRO2_zps8d823075.jpg


tv hifi new photo ControlCenter_zps35903d4e.jpg

 photo comfortrm_zpsedb3bab8.jpg  photo hifirm_zpscf3ee4d4.jpg  photo ACRM_zpseba7d969.jpg

 photo modernhomerm_zpsa892bfd6.jpg

The First Truly Affordable Home Automation Device For EVERYONE !!

Use your phone from anywhere to control all your infra red or RF remote controlled devices.
These could be the TV, DVD or bluray Player, Hifi, Projector or any other IR device or appliance.
These could be Byron Home Easy RF remote control sockets and switches.


Use the E-Control App to switch them on/off or at pre set times - GREAT FOR HOME SECURITY
OFFICE: Switch the AC on or set the temperature.
Switch the water cooler on or off using RF sockets controlled by E-Control App.
Switch the electric fan or heater on/off.

Its uses are ENDLESS.


This home controller features the latest technology with a universal smartphone Remote Control android and iOS App.The E Control App features 15 built remote controls that you then manually configure or program from the cloud code library.


It will control any device / appliance that is in its line of sight - at its front, back or side !!It features 360 degree coverage thanks to its 7 high powered IR transmitters.

The Smart Controller utilises both 433 MHz frequencies.
With simple point and learn, it will clone any RF remote working within its frequency range.

internal new photo 32_zps24324499.jpg
The RM Pro Advance is connected by wifi, wirelessly to your wifi router.You can control the RM Pro wirelessly from anywhere in the world over your mobile network.
Control all the devices and appliances whose remote controls are saved in the e - Control App.

The Ultimate Air Conditioning Controller

AC new photo ConditionerControl_zpsba5cceab.jpg

The Smart Controller will also control any Air Conditioner.The Controller is also able to automatically identify which AC you have and populate the AC remote control screen.
Alternatively the E-Control App features a Cloud Code Library from which you can manually select your AC Model.
If your AC unit is not listed then you can manually clone your remote to the Apps bulit in AC remote control.
How to Setup  home easy template created by halx 

Go to apps store or google play  store 

search    broadlink   and download    e-remote




Here you  see  4  lighting buttons at the top 
Pair the button  with    He107   HE108     HE202S  HE202W   HE206 
All these products can be  dimmed 
Then  you  can  turn  on and off the light as well as  control the light level  with  one click of a button 
set the level    from  20  to  100 percent  using the ready built buttons 
13  Buttons have been made should you wish to add  some more products  to the system  like 
HE304    HE830S   HE302W   HE332B   HE109 
Have a group on off button also  that can   turn     sockets 
1234  on  or off with  one button  

Home Entertainment

functions new photo tv_zps0b3e6e0e.jpg

curtain new photo curtaincontrol_zps9a0365d1.jpg


  photo cf57a3fa-9a9d-430e-9d33-1716dac072ba_zpsfc6fe5b8.png     ui 300 photo dcc97781-bd43-49e1-a545-3a68950e9a1b_zps2edc971d.png       ac 300 photo 1b788635-7fb5-4acf-85ed-e060cf9e0c13_zpsbbdeb538.pngMY REMOTE CONTROLS

switch 300 photo ab09fee0-9547-43c0-b2dd-cd7dafd30d4e_zpsb0a0f0c5.png      photo ff8017d7-8d63-4424-93c2-67fdfb3feb64_zps97272831.png     rf 300 photo 7dd6547f-d5de-4f66-bd3c-2fc0daf41011_zpseb044b25.png
           TC1    LIGHT SWITCH                                RETROTOUCH LIGHT SWITCH                     RF REMOTE CONTROL SOCKETS

tv 300 photo 4f62674e-b7a9-4529-941f-c44a808179fd_zps5b0d1829.png     300 photo b0c1e0d2-8ea6-4395-a4d1-5d0ba0e3db63_zpscfb290c0.png     projector 300 photo 436533bd-eae2-4472-8056-cecfc93f988b_zps05419fbe.png
               PANASONIC TV                                  PANASONIC PROJECTOR                        PROJECTOR REMOTE CUSTOMISED

dish 300 photo d8676d86-7794-4290-8549-91926b808a82_zpsc24ae13b.png     stereo 300 photo 6e9b5ef0-7fd2-4348-a01e-4fec5c99af3d_zps8b1e20f6.png      photo d8c79051-44ba-4e50-a5b3-7f00528220cd_zpsd6faa24f.png
           SKY HD BOX                                                        STEREO                                                               TIMER SCREEN           photo JKHJ_zps08bc434d.jpg

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